Option 1: Text Widget of the Bibles Quotes

All Christians-site owners offer a simple and convenient tool for participation in evangelization and distributing Bible's Wisdom via Internet.

Simply generate the widget in the constructor below and insert code to your website (change your preferences below to see a different outcome).

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out... (Bible, Acts 3:19)

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As you can see, the design of the widget can be fully adjusted to the design of your site. The font will be automatically the same as at the web-site where there is a widget.

Option 2: YesHeIs Video Script

YesHeIs is an effective tool for evangelization on the internet via video. We offer a script that displays random video depending on the region of the visitor to your site. At the moment, there are 13 regions available (CIS, Indonesia, Brazil, Latin America, United Kingdom, Australia/New Zealand, Germany, North America, Philippines, India, China, France, Africa).

Copy all contents from below and paste into your site:

The received code should be located in the appropriate place at your site, obligatory inside the BODY of the tag. If you need help in code installation, we are happy to help you. Write to us at the feedback.
OUR GOAL - to influence via Internet on 1 billion people!